Wednesday, March 7, 2012

We got the power....

Live you dreams they say. Well its true find what you love and go for it, Live the life you've always wanted. We teenagers have more power than we think. The media, the celebrities and the networks are all controlled by us. We have the power, we can take down any singer we want by not supporting them. We can also shoot anyone to fame who we decided is cool. Shows and movies are created based on we like, networks look for views. If we don't like something and don't watch it, then it gets taken off the air. We control social media, without us no one would know that Facebook or twitter exist. We need to realize the power our generation has. there is no excuse for failure anymore. if your depressed get help, if your lonely keep looking for that special friend, if your going through a rough time remember it will get better. We need to take control of our live and stop saying " I wish I could be successful." We need to change our attitude to "I will be successful." remember be you, find what you love and go for it. We got the power.

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