Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rihanna - You Da One Single Review‏

Rihanna ready radio song you da one was the hit that should have been. It was a fresh take on music with a dub-step meets island vibe. The song is super catchy and irresistible. "You da one that I think about all day" "you da one that I think about always" are the perfect Valentine's day lyrics. Who would not want to be that someone "one." This song should have been number 1 or the least a billboard top 10 hit. I think it under performed because of lack of promotion which is sad because I loved the song the second I heard it. Rihanna not having a hit is unheard of. Queen riri needs to step up her game and bring the heat next time. Continue the number 1 streak Rihanna. Sincerely, #Rihannanavy

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