Sunday, March 4, 2012

Summer Jobs!

Summer jobs can be the best thing ever created for the average teenager. Even though summer shows great opportunities, many just stay home and do nothing .Instead of doing nothing go to summer school and get ahead or get a summer job. I would prefer a summer job. So to get your summer job you have to look for job fairs in your area and attend them to find work. This i s just as easy as it sound, you go to the fair meet employers and BOOM you got a job. Easy for many but hard for few. I know my friend had difficulty getting a job because he looked very young. He was 16 but look like "12" or so he was told. Age discrimination is a real thing, their are many young people who try to get job but some employer feel that an older more "mature" person would be better for the job. this is in fact WRONG ans against the law so if this is happening to you, then you need to look up the human rights section of your constitution. summer is a fun time for everyone or at least is should be. Do something that you are good at, learn a new skill but DO NOT do nothing with your summer. Summer is a gift use it will and never forget Be You.

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