Tuesday, March 13, 2012

One Direction Infatuation!

One Direction infatuation has reached America at full speed. America is usually late to the amazing music party but its okay. The excitement over One Direction is about as big as when Justin Bieber started, currently their album Up All Night just released in the U.S is at number 1 and 2 spot on iTunes. Personally i like One direction and i hope they continue to have amazing success and then World Domination lol just kidding. These boys have been busy, on iCarly and landed a spot on Saturday night live which is huge. For the next few months you wont be able to escape the name One Direction. Are boy bands making a comeback? I'm not sure but One direction is making a bold statement. I bought the album and i like it a lot, then again I'm a Pop music junkie but I'm sure all those out there who love Justin Bieber will definitely love One direction. My favorite song of theirs and also their debut single What Makes You Beautiful is amazing, go check it out. Don't forget to buy the album Up All Night. One direction is official the new sensation and will be making headlines very soon. Are you ready?


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