Sunday, March 11, 2012


 Emotions can drive us wild. We teens can go from happy, to pissed, to quiet, sad in just a few minutes. Emotions may drive us but they should not control us. We need to learn to control our emotions, it can save you a lot of emotional damage. Say you learn to control your urges, then it can save you from having 7 ex's that hate you. Life is an emotion ride and emotions make it fun. How would the world be if you when to an amusement park and went of the scariest ride and just went "weeee" with no emotion, it wouldn't be as fun. Step one Acknowledge your emotions. Step two Find a person you can tell anything to. Step 3 Talk with this friend and try figure out the logical thing to do. Do NOT think you have your emotions under control already and not talk to anyone. This will lead to consequences, you know how you write an essay and it seems perfect to you. Then your friend reads it and sees so many mistakes, emotions are similar. You need to have more than one perspective before you take action. Remember be you, and live life one day at a time. Enjoy the emotional ride :). Don't let emotions make you a lunatic.

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