Saturday, March 3, 2012

Jennifer Hudson New Whitney?

Jennifer Hudson performed a Whitney Huston tribute at the 54th annual Grammy Awards. She sang I Will Always Love You and it was amazing. Jennifer seems to have gone through a major change she went from "Spotlight" to "Where you at". If you don't know what I mean she went from thick to stick in matter of months. I think both the stick and the thick look are very sexy, why change her body? I have no idea. How does this affect other thick girls? Let me explain. At the top of the food chain is Jennifer then you have thick teenage girls. "Wow Jennifer Hudson looks sweet up" says one Girl. "Only because she dropped the weight " says girl 3. "Rude, oh please Jennifer was sexy as #TeamThick so dont talk" says girl 2. "I'm #teamthick but i guess that's not sexy anymore" says girl 2. "You better join #teamstick *giggles* instead" says girls 1 and 3. Now Girls 2 takes every diet pill in the book, but gets no results, now shes depressed because she hates her body. THANKS A LOT JENNIFER you've turned a happy thick girl into a depressed girl. This is the influence u have on teenager, this is the dangers to changing you image to fit the "crowd." I personally love Jennifer's music but if she wants to be the next Whitney she has to come with more than just the voice. Whitney was a great performer and had a great personality. even with the negative press she got she still managed to send a message of love. So please Jennifer next time you decided to change yourself to look like everyone else remember all the other #teamthick girls are watching. They look to you.

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