Saturday, March 3, 2012

#RealTalkz Session (1) Sweeties VS Cyatties


Define - Girl who is ghetto and a slue.

Define - A very pretty nice girl

Why is it when you find a sweetie they have to have a cyattie friend -__-. You look for your sweetie on Facebook and in her pics you see her cyattie friend with the typical cyattie pics. Lips pushed up to the camera or middle finger to the camera or the low chest upper neck pose. Girls these days are going wild, they are either with someone or with someone. The only difference is the official and the unofficial relationships. Everything is a "WORLDSTAR"  or a "beef-ting"moment, youth today are more violent than ever. We can try and blame T.V, music or even movies but i think the real reason is the company you keep. Your friends INFLUENCE you in a major way whether you believe it or not. Keep you friends and you'll be set, don't become a Cyattie be a sweetie an succeed in life. Don't be a stripper become an entrepreneur instead. Don't was you life, have the life you've always wanted. Be You.

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