Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Power of Music

Ever you walk into a room and hear party music playing and you instantly get into a good mood? Have you ever listened to "sad" music and then start thinking about all the sad times you had? Well that's all because of the power of music. It can make you happy, sad, or even crazy wild. Music can take you over and fill you with emotions you never knew existed. Personally i try to play upbeat music when I'm feeling down instead of the listening to sad, depressing music while I'm sad. I can jump from sad to lets go crazy over one song. We as youth need to choose our music carefully because it can influence us to do crazy or very bad things. If you listen to "Shoot them bitches err day" then you have a high chance of actually shooting someone and going to jail. Why not listen to "I love myself" or "I will be successful" i mean we all love those "bad" songs that just get us going but can we please just take a moment and check what we are listening to. You become what you hear. So why not become the riches man/woman in America? Take control on your life. Be You.

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