Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mind Murders

You know those time when people are just bothering you to a point that you start making scenes in you head of what could happen to them. it might be tripping down an escalator, falling down the stairs, tripping over your textbook, being taken away by police or just simply dead. The mind is a powerful thing it can curse and it can bless. There are murders who 1st started killing in their minds, which is why I urge you to today, instead of killing those who you dislike just imaging yourself, rising above them. Imagine them scooping up your dogs poop while you stay in a 5 star hole. imagine them cleaning your bathroom while your on you way out for dinner. See imaginations can turn into reality. Everything we know and love was 1st imagined by someone. So please use your imagination for good and become that CEO you've always to be. Remember Be you.

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